Maybe something terrible will happen

Maybe you'll have a good time.
Actresses talk a poetic language performed as a casual one, as if they were talking incantations.

I can feel it’s improvised, but the demand to perform remains unclear.

As if playfulness took over life, and the time they were asked to perform was just a vague souvenir.

That way magic finds its place within, the most blunt, modest, everyday-life visuals (at least for the first part of the movie).

I realize that I can understand an unsuspected language.

If I have the power to feel from that « magic improvised language » then I should be able to speak that language, and that there is probably an infinity of dialects of this « magic improvised language » to discover.

The ‘status’ of the actresses remains unclear. At first I thought that one was a paranoid loony chased by the other that I suspected to be a witch. Then some kind of chassé-croisé happens and I don’t know anymore which one master magic. The one that was chasing (because she was holding an esoteric book) or the other one that later in the movie does classic prestidigitation. At some point they are not (only?) witches anymore but teenagers projecting their fantasy and trying to build a narrative (that narrative is performed by others actors in the movie, including the wonderful Bulle Ogier)

Can we say that the chassé-croisé goes further and that the two actresses become the director of the movie at that moment ? Because obviously most of the movie is being improvised. This extend the film to its condition of making. And I’m strike because I feel like this are the conditions of working that we should pursue. We should aim at experimenting this way, accepting a playful improvisation with our collaborators, even if it is gambling on the final aspect of the work. Kathy Acker stated «  you can do whatever you want with my work ». It seems that Rivette way of working could be « you can do whatever you want with my work yet to be made ». Maybe I'm over interpreting, but i's ok because now I know I want to work this way.

Céline et Julie vont en bateau